What we do

Quality control/ Testing and measuring instruments

Wenzel Coordination measurement
X=1000 mm
Y=1600 mm
Z=800 mm
MPEE = 2,4 + L/300 µm
CNC control with various configurable measuring probes

Keyence Optical coordinate measuring system XM – 1500
X=300 mm
Y=250 mm
Z=150 mm
Max. measurement deviation ± 6 µm
Individually configurable probes

Zett measuring arm AMPG 24 P
Measuring area 2400 mm (Spherical volume)
Various probes
Single-point accuracy± 16 µm

Mahr Surf M410 mobile surface measuring device
Skidless inductive scanning and interface with statistical process controller

Technical vacuum tests

5x Pfeiffer Vakuum ASM340 with turbo-pump kit
He leak search with minimal measurable leak rate 2x 10-13 mbar ls

1x Leybold UL 5000
He leak search with minimal measurable leak rate 2x 10-12 mbar ls

Every job starts with accurate planning and is only finished when our customer is satisfied. Precision and accuracy determine the quality of our work. Each individual step is decisive for the overall process. Each of us knows this. Each of us performs to the highest standards.

Guido Helmert, Quality assurance
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